Monday, 21 January 2013

Tracks in the Snow

Finally the wildlife has turned up. Usually there is a gap of a few days after the snow starts before the wildlife ventures into our garden. This time has been no exception. It first snowed on Friday and Monday night we start seeing wildlife. 

At about 7 pm mum put out the milk bottles and saw a stately fallow buck by the hedge at the bottom of the garden. It sauntered casually out of the garden onto the Dene.

At 11 pm, just as I was going to bed, something tripped the security light. A fox was investigating our front garden. It listened intensely for a few moments, dug, listened again and so on. Had it heard something under the snow?

A trail where the fox circled round and dug in the snow. 21 January 2013.

6.45 am I looked popped out to get a photo of the fox trail. Two lovely fallow bucks glided out of the garden onto the Dene. As they left our milkman arrived. He says that he often sees deer on the Dene and Browns Lane. So Manor Park drivers watch out, Bambi's about.

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