Friday, 18 January 2013

Hello Brock

The thing that I really love about using a trail camera is the sense of opening a surprise gift. What will be in it? A fox? A cat? A couple of birds? Connecting it up to my lappie to download the photos, I feel like a small child on Christmas morning. Today's gifts were extra special. A couple of nice sequences of a fox, a pair of cheeky magpies and some rather self important looking woodpigeons. Then - the badger. 

Badger, 16th January 2013 just before 2 a.m.. -3 C
I was amazed. I had assumed that badgers would be tucked up in their setts on these cold winter evenings.  Instead here it is snuffling round our grass.  Maybe it's looking for worms, which form a large part of a badger's diet. It looks quite plump. Maybe it has benefited from the mild wet weather.


  1. Wow. This is so awesome! We hear the badgers before we see them . . .and when the fox is in the garden, the noise is awful; not sure which one makes it though. x

  2. I excited when I saw the shot. We've had visiting badgers for ages: my late father saw one, my neighbour saw one trotting up to the garden and my mum saw a young one in the back garden - but did I ever see one? No. At least I've got my photo. I'm hoping to get more snaps later in the year when they are up and about more.