Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#30DayWild Do you know how fast antlers grow?

On June the 20th I started the day with all the enthusiasm that a wet Monday morning deserves. Heading out to get my daily newspaper I saw a pile of deer poo on our path. As excited as a kid on Christmas Eve, I glanced across at our Bushnell Trail camera, hoping it had caught something in spite of the constant rain.  After the day's work and meetings were done, I grabbed my the camera from the tree and downloaded the photos. 

My favourite visitor is a Fallow buck. He shed his antlers a few weeks ago and on his recent visits it's been interesting to see how quickly they regrow.  The photos here cover the period from April the 12th to June the 20th.  Times on the photos are in GMT. Add one hour to get BST.
April 12th - Antlers present and correct!
May 17th - Antlers gone.
Just 2 weeks later - his new antlers are nearly as long as his ears.
20 more days - the antlers are just over twice the length of his ears.
I don't know exactly when the Fallow buck lost his antlers but, in just over a month, they grew from nothing to twice as long as his ears.

I am currently doing the Wildlife Trusts' #30DaysWild challenge. For other blogs see MyWildLife.

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