Monday, 13 May 2013

Hempstead Lane and Lime Tree Avenue in May

In my last post, I spoke about walking through Hempstead Meadow on the way home from the dentist. That, of course, wasn't the end of my little journey.

Hempstead Lane
Hempstead Lane is an old road that long predates the houses that line part of its route and the school hidden behind the trees in the photo. The grassy bank under the trees is covered in bluebells, cow parsley, stitchwort, alkanet and other wild flowers.

Bluebells, stitchwort and cow parsley
Turning right took me into Lime Tree Avenue. This wonderful avenue led up to the long gone Uckfield House. I feel very privileged to have worked there, removing unwanted growths from the feet of the magnificent trees. Over the last couple of weeks the new leaves have been bursting out of tight buds that protected them from the winter weather. Cow parsley, alexanders and other wild flowers have created white, frothy clouds below the trees.

Lime Tree Avenue, with cow parsley at the feet of the trees.
It was only a 30 minute walk from the dentist and was so much nicer than taking, and trying to find somewhere to park, the car.

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