Thursday, 2 May 2013

April 2013 - Garden visitors

Below, I've summarised the visits in the camera captured during the 15 nights I my Bushnell Trail camera out in April. I've allocated each visit to a 2 hour slot as shown below. 

Animal visits while the camera was out in April 2013.
 The total number of visits (excluding cats) is up from 14 to 16 but I had the camera out for 15 nights rather than 9.

Fallow deer visiting on the 8th of April. The deer is not white, the security light has fooled the IR.
So what have I noticed?
  • I now have fallow deer visiting as well as foxes and badgers - I was surprised not to have captured them before as, in previous years, they had been regular visitors, but they are certainly making their presence felt now.
  • peak time is still the 1 to 3 am slot.
  • there is a more varied pattern - with some bumper nights and some with no visits before - previously the visits were more evenly spread.
In previous posts, I noted the number of garden visitors in February and March.

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