Monday, 8 April 2013

A busy night in the garden

I've been putting out a Bushnell trail camera since the start of the year and been pleased to get pictures of foxes and the occasional badger but last night's visitors were special.

Fallow deer buck, photographed 11:52 pm GMT on 7th April 2013.
I supposed I should have expected something like this. One of our neighbours had seen signs of deer around the area for the last couple of weeks but there has been no evidence of them coming into our garden. Then, as I was coming back from picking up the paper, I noticed some poo on the path.

After work, I uploaded my pictures and here's the results:

Time Species Comment
7:51 PM cat Heads up slope.
10:51 PM fallow buck This is a big fellow and I think I recognise him. He has odd antlers - one flattened and one not. He browses round the bottom of the big atlantic cedar for a while then heads down the slope. There appears to be another sitting on the right-hand side of the photo (not shown).
23:29 PM badger Moves along foot of hedge towards oak.
00:30 PM fox Moves quickly down slope.
01:08 PM fallow buck The same buck as before, emerges from behind the Atlantic cedar and heads up the slope.
2:19 PM badger Heads up slope towards atlantic cedar.
3:10 AM cat Slinks along foot of hedge away from oak.

I've got no idea why we got so many visitors. It was warmer than it has been for a while. The deer have been out and about for some time - so maybe something spooked them and they hid in the garden. Whatever the reason it was a real pleasure to see so many garden visitors.

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