Saturday, 20 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Days 17 to 19 - At our Feet and in the Skies

The last few days have been about looking down at what can be found by our feet and up in the skies.

Wednesday, 17 June

I found this zingy coloured lichen in the rubble by a car park a few yards from the office.

Lichen on wayside rubble.
The closed flowers of poor-man's weatherglass (scarlet pimpernel) nearby told me to expect a dull day. 

It was, indeed, a cloudy day. After some good food, fun cocktails and great wine at Marco's at Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn, I enjoyed a wonderful sunset. In spite of the fun evening, the picture isn't too wobbly!

Birmingham Airport Holiday Inn and sunset.
Thursday, 18 June

On my way back home, stole time to enjoy the wayside flowers between the office and Birmingham International station.

A colourful display of wayside flowers.
One particularly intriguing plant was Weld, which once-upon-a-time was grown for the yellow dye that could be extracted from it.

Weld, in sight of the main line.
At the other end of my journey, while waiting for a taxi at Uckfield station, I appreciated the exhilarating air show put on by about 10 screaming swifts as they wheeled and dived over the Station Pub. When I got home, I had a less pleasing experience with a bird. I was slightly exasperated by having to remove a youngish magpie from our conservatory. This is the second time in about a week I've had to do this.

Friday, 19 June

In the garden, our wildflower patch is looking splendid and is attracting plenty of insects.
Orange fox and cubs with bloody Cranesbill.
I am particularly pleased with the fox and cubs, which were revelling in the afternoon sunshine. These were amongst a batch of plants I got from British Wild Flower Plants and planted last September. In my post about Taming the Wild Patch I looked forward to the show, which has now well and truly started. I feel very satisfied with this exuberant little slice of nature that I created.

At about 10pm, I was gazing at the lovely combination of Venus and Jupiter, together with the moon, in the West when a bat flitted by.

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