Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013's Garden Visitors

I've been using a Bushnell trail camera throughout the year to find out more about the wild animals that visit our garden.  Note that I barely had the camera out in November.

Badger visting on the 10th of October.

How many visitors?

The following graph shows how many wild animals visited per night.

Number of visitors per night.
The peak number of visits was in August, when we often saw two young foxes together.  There is a trough in May, perhaps when young animals are being born or when there is more food available in the woods. November and December show another trough - perhaps because the weather is so filthy! 

When do they visit?

This graph shows the times of these visits.

Times of visits
I've tried looking for patterns in the timings but cannot really see any. Note that the gaps in the data above simply represent times when I did not put the camera out.

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