Monday, 1 July 2013

June 2013 - Garden Visitors

Below, I've summarised the visits in the camera captured during the 14 nights I had my Bushnell Trail camera out in June. I've allocated each visit to a 2 hour slot as shown below.

Animal visits while the camera was out in June 2013
This month's score (12 excluding cats) is much better than May's 6. The peak is happening earlier  - 9 to 1 rather than slightly later in the morning but the mix of species is about the same as before May's dip in results.  A pair of fox cubs have been seen in the garden but, naturally, did not walk in front of the camera.

Badger trundling up the slope.

It it always lovely to see the badgers trundling round the garden. They have been making distinct paths in the long grass. Other field signs (yes - I mean poo) have indicated several visits by deer.

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