Saturday, 2 March 2013

February's visitors

I've had my Bushnell trail camera out for 12 nights in February. That's most of the fine nights. Over that time I've been looking for a pattern. I've allocated each visit to a 2 hour slot as shown below.

Animal visits while the camera was out in February.
Sometimes a fox goes through early in the evening. These early visits tend to be fleeting, with the fox often moving through at speed. I had already worked out that we usually get a midnight visit and, as you can see that is the peak time. These visits can be quite lengthy with the fox sniffing and sometimes digging in the grassy area. As we get nearer to morning, these visits tail off; the latest for February being at 4.23 am.

We are getting a few night-time cats. Like the foxes, the peak is around midnight. However, I have not yet seen both together. We also tend to get cat visits just as the light is fading and at dawn.

The 'midnight' fox, which visited at 11.09 on 24 Feb 2013.
This wasn't a very representative survey. I had my camera out for less than half the nights in February and never when it was wet. However, I am beginning to build up a picture of their habits.

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